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There are now two ways to get the latest information from around the district. Chic will be telling you  the latest information from national or from around the country. Like before, you will find it at "From Around the District."

New to the web site is the "Mobile Shout Out" page which was designed for mobile phone and tablet browsers. It should work just fine on lap tops and desk tops. It will keep you up to date on things more related to district happenings. It should contain the latest information.

From Around the District Mobile Shout Out

Other Sources of Scouting Information:

Communication for our District and PDAC:

  1. Attend Roundtable: 906 Main. St, Conway at 7 pm first Thursday of each month.
  2. .  Everyone should have a log in if they are registered leader. Every volunteer should know his or her scout id. (If not see your Committee Chair) .
  3. Chicora Monthly Newsletter: to submit scouting information about units, etc:  Any questions contact:  Katie Brown,
  4. Chicora Shout Out List: <>  
    (To receive e-mails from the district)
  5. Pee Dee Area Council E-mail Blast:
    (To receive e-mails from council)
  6. Facebook: Chicora District, Pee Dee Area Council, BSA and Pee Dee Area Council 552, Boy Scouts of America
  7. District Website:
    (has all flyers and registration forms)
  8. Council Website: